Using Robots to Keep Bambi Safe

Recently we were tasked to research a project that we have been asked about many times before, “What happens if there is a fawn in the field?  Does the tractor run over it?” This is a messy thing and can be fairly traumatizing for everyone involved.

The simple answer to that is, “What do you do now?” But the better answer is to build a bot to not only find Bambi and his friends, but to chase them to safety as well.  This problem incorporates a lot more than you might think due to the way that deer think.  True, they really only think about what they are going to eat and what they fear will eat them, but when it comes to their fawns they are a lot more thoughtful.

Most people don’t realize that a doe will deposit her fawn in a very human area in the morning, go feed all day, and then come back to the baby in the evening to pick them up.  This means that not only do you need to find the fawn and scare it off in order to keep it alive but you also need to not scare it off too far or the mother will not find it. Scary stuff for a baby!

At RoboGnosis we talk a lot about making lives better for humans and businesses but when we really put our minds to it, we can make it better for our animal friends as well.

Project Bambi kicks off today!

Posted on July 20, 2017 in Education, Fun, Robots

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I am Brandon Smith one of the co-founders of RoboGnosis. I am obsessed with robots and love everything about them. I make robots in my presonal and professional life. On top of that I am a husband, father and love life.

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