Tech Savvy Grads Finding Their Roots In Agriculture

No matter what medium you choose to get your news, the prose is overflowing with insightful data that documents the resurgence of the farming industry – within the Millennials in particular.  And within every story you read, the trend is threaded with testimonials as to why they have chosen to go back to their roots or even seek new land to start their own farms.

Why the new trend?  According to a recent article in University of Connecticut’s Summer magazine, “Conventional wisdom be damned – young people are embracing farming.  But we’re talking hydropnoics, heirloom tomatoes, and small-batch goat cheese.”  

Relative to our world at RoboGnosis were the continuing remarks: You’re likely to find them on a laptop as a tractor.

As our team continues to refine the ever-changing world of robotics, using autonomy as a service, we look forward to new opportunities to enhance and support the resurgence of farming … and what we can do as innovators to assist our youth in providng the tools and technology they need and want to fulfill their dreams.

So what’s next?  Watch our blog, and website, for forthcoming information about our own educational programs and partnerships that fully embrace the trends that we have noted above.

Posted on June 23, 2017 in Education, Robots

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