Sony’s New Aibo Robot Dog to “Win People’s Hearts” Just Like Your Own Dog?

OK, I’m a dog lover and fully believe that our yellow lab could not possibly be upstaged by a robotic dog.  Yet according to an announcement from Sony, after a 12-year hiatus from the robotics industry, they will be re-entering the market with a product that will “Win People’s Hearts” and be familiar to those who purchased their first robotic dog for a slim price of $2,000 each.  They sold 150,000.  Yes, 150,000.

According to a story in Nikkei Asian Review, “Sony is developing a refreshed version of its popular Aibo robot dog that will hit the market in 2018.”  They are reportedly “assembling a new team with the same designers involved in the original Aibo robot dog that launched in 1999 and was halted in 2006.”

The announcement comes with a more detailed assessment of why this new pup will be the ‘cat’s meow’ when released to the market next year.

As the story notes:  “The upgraded Aibo will feature artificial intelligence (AI), internet connectivity, voice control, and the ability to control connected devices throughout its environment, Nikkei reports. And according to the report, “Sony plans to make the proprietary operating system an open platform to allow outside developers to add features.”

The jury is out on this end as to whether Aibo can twist me around its paw, yet time will tell!

In the meantime, we’ll continue to enjoy all the love that our dogs bring into our lives while refine our own robotics that can change the world in so many good ways!

Posted on October 10, 2017 in Education, Entertainement, Fun, Robots, Technology

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