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Lately there has been a break in the RoboGnosis Communication Network; and by that I really mean that we haven’t posted in quite a long time.  So what have we been working on? Well, we’ve really been working on what the original goal of RoboGnosis was from the beginning.  that is, we integrate technologies for autonomous solutions and we specialize in all of the little parts in between that are created in the pursuit of that goal.

One of the areas that is sorely in need of integration is in the sensor space.  We have been working with sensors from the very beginning of our time as a team and it is an exciting place to be in at the moment.  So what are we working on and where?  We don’t want to say too much yet, but we are working on a series of sensors and communication devices and we should have those implemented in 5 different states in the coming month or so retrieving and translating about 1 million pieces of data per week.

So right now we are building a bank account and cache of data allowing us to service a few lucky beta customers but we will likely be coming to your area soon.

  • Feature photo pictured above: Early sensor network prototype that looked far too much like a pipe bomb to be taken seriously. Don’t worry, the packaging, and even the internals, has changed.


Posted on October 3, 2018 in Agriculture Trends, Business, Implementation, Technology

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I am Brandon Smith one of the co-founders of RoboGnosis. I am obsessed with robots and love everything about them. I make robots in my presonal and professional life. On top of that I am a husband, father and love life.

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