RoboGnosis Robots Create Job Opportunities for Humans. Really!

I know, that headline might be hard to swallow after all the bad rap that’s out there about Robots taking over the world.  Yet if you want to know the truth, you just need to Google our company to find out that while we are creating really cool robots, they also come with the ability to help humans recreate their careers through our new RoboU – short for RoboGnosis University.

As the big boss of RoboGnosis (a.k.a Founder Brandon Smith) so elegantly told the press last week:  “When you live in a world of robotics, one is often confronted with the opinions that our technology may be replacing the need for human employment. Although one could debate that perception, our team at RoboU chooses to champion the opportunity to offer greater education and employment opportunities while we continue to advance our own efforts in autonomous technology.”

Long story short, in a strategic move in the autonomous business, RoboGnosis of Ronan, MT has teamed with Treehouse of Portland, OR to offer educational training and new career opportunities for their clients’ employees.  The program is part of our company’s mission to “improve the job market one robot at a time.”

And we’re not the only ones psyched about our RoboU programs.  Here’s what Ryan Carson (CEO of Treehouse) has to say: “At Treehouse, we are excited to be a part of the integral piece that is needed today in the robotics industry. We currently have over 80,000 enrolled Students who we’re training to learn the necessary skills to be part of the technology evolution –  whether they have existing, little or no previous experience – they can become job-ready for a job in tech.”

At at time where the airwaves are filled with stories about the impact of robotic technology, we’re glad to post this good news today.  

Want to know more about the many benefits that robots can bring to the workplace and perhaps your company’s bottom line in 2018 and beyond?  Just reach out to us at any time.

Posted on December 11, 2017 in Agriculture Trends, Business, Education, RoboNews, Robots, Technology

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