Indoor vs. Outdoor Bots

We live in a really remarkable age for robotics. If you want a robot to bring you tools, then there are multiple bots to do that.  If you want something delivered to your house, then there are multiple bots that can do that as well.  But what happens when you want something to go inside-outside-inside-outside? Well, they don’t make that. Do they?

That’s where a lot of our business has been lately – designing bots that can operate indoors and outdoors.  Outdoors navigation is relatively simple these days with indoor nav being a bit more complex but when it comes to both, you don’t have many choices. So people have been coming to RoboGnosis.

Whether is it going into and out of a barn, warehouse, home, office, etc. these are activities that are more in ‘complicated’ spectrum of robotic navigation and very few robotics builders are geared to handle that task.

You can now relax if you are sitting there asking yourself, “Isn’t there anyone that can build bots that will do both indoor and outdoor?” Because now you can have both your sun and your shade.

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Posted on August 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

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I am Brandon Smith one of the co-founders of RoboGnosis. I am obsessed with robots and love everything about them. I make robots in my presonal and professional life. On top of that I am a husband, father and love life.

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