RoboGnosis Founder John Bruce shares his insight
about participating in Ignite Northwest’s innovative Workshop Series





With a slogan of “Moving Companies that Move the Market,” Ignite Northwest  of Spokane, WA recently designated RoboGnosis founder John Bruce as its most recent graduate of its prestigious 13-week accelerator workshop.  The program, and the entire organization, helps companies in the Pacific Northwest grow to create sustained economic impact.

“It was an experience of a lifetime,” said Bruce.  “I learned how to present every element about our company to any market that may seek our autonomous integration capabilities and consultation services.”

Bruce continued to share accolades about Ignite Northwest and the time and talent that they brought to the table; throughout the series, the program was taught by 34 volunteer regional leaders in business planning, marketing, legal, and intellectual property.

“This course, in nearly every case, validated every market, budget, and plan that we have in place today.  We’ve never been more prepared to help our future customers improve their bottom line by introducing and implementing automation into their workplace,” said Bruce.

With a business acumen to lead companies to become their best by promoting “honest environments that are solution-oriented”, Bruce has shaped a path of successful business stories throughout his accomplished career.

And now, as a champion of the knowledge that he attained from Ignite Northwest, Bruce will continue his quest to help companies who are interested in learning how RoboGnosis can help improve business efficiencies, product production, and their company’s financial goals.

At the conclusion of the workshop, its participants were tasked with presenting their case through a 60- second video.  Bruce’s presentation about the benefits of RoboGnosis can be seen through this video that was produced during the event’s final “Demo Day” event on May 1.

Throughout his career, Bruce has achieved some of the business industry’s highest accolades and awards for his innate ability to bring a passionate approach to business with a sharp and sophisticated understanding of sales, marketing, and finance.

He now joins Ignite Northwest’s collaborative network of alumni and mentors as he continues to pursue investment and business partners who see and understand the value that RoboGnosis offers its clients today, and its qualified and projected future clientele.

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