Hate Doing the Dishes? Meet Tetra – One of the Top Picks From CES 2018 –

Alright, for those of us who live in rural communities that were built on “holding tanks,” (i.e., no city water system), and are fans of water conservation, we fell in love with Tetra during the 2018 CES show.  And so did the pros at the show.  Here’s why.

Tetra – the ‘tiny counter-top dishwasher’ not only saves water, time, and energy, it’s just cool.

According to its marketing folks, this is what they said about the bot that could rule your kitchen … and let you enjoy time better well spent with the family.

“Despite only being the size of a small microwave, you can fit two full place settings in Tetra — or up to ten dinner plates or all the pint glasses you and your eleven closest friends just finished pounding.

There’s another thing that makes Tetra stand out. Unlike a traditional dishwasher, Tetra doesn’t have an internal heating element to bring the water up to temperature. As Heatworks puts it, the water is the heating element. Minerals that are present in the water, anyway… which are excited by Tetra’s graphite electrodes.”

They continue to explain that Tetra doesn’t even need to be connected to your home water supply – which is HUGE when you live in an area that not only wants to conserve water (or has to), they choose to and look for any new invention to support their mission.

Here’s more proof as to why we like this Bot:  The Tetra doesn’t need to be connected to your home’s water supply. You supply it manually when you’re ready to run a wash cycle. Fill up most of an empty two-liter pop bottle and pour it in, then fire up Tetra and let it do its thing.

Long story short: maybe check out Tetra who LIKES to do dishes so you can spend more time doing what you like to do best!

Posted on March 1, 2018 in Cool Bot Stuff, Education, Fun, RoboNews, Robots, Technology

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