Collision Conference 2017

“Don’t call it the next SXSW!”

Robo had a great time at Collision Conference 2017.  If you have never been then you are missing out because it is arguably one of the best tech conferences out there.  Instead of trying to explain what was so great about it let’ just make a list of all the great things about Collision Conference:

  • Networking, networking, networking –  the whole event seems to be geared around networking.  You exhibit one day and network for three.
  • After Parties – How many do you want?  They got em
  • New Orleans – Need I say more
  • Mentor sessions – Ours was Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner who invented the Opera browser.  He didn’t say a whole lot at the time, but in the following weeks we keep referring back to one very important thing that he did say to us.
  • The Staff – They were amazing.  Always ready to help and always ready to make things happen.  At this conference the staff was there to further our agenda, not theirs.
  • Breakthrough Tech – We found more new tech at this show than any other we have been to.
  • They Didn’t Whine – When we went through the booths and realized that they all had nearly the same description we modified ours (see the picture above) but no one lost their minds over a piece of paper like they do at other conferences.
  • Beignets – Someone commissioned Cafe DuMont to bring everyone beignets.  God Bless that person.

Overall it was an incredible conference.  We will definitely be back.


Posted on May 5, 2017 in Conferences, Places, Travel

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