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Hacking Agriculture

Many people still don’t know what a ‘hack’ is. A hack isn’t cracking into someone’s computer or stealing a movie. A hack is using the tools at your disposal to push the capabilities of a system. Sometimes this can be a good thing (too many examples to share) and sometimes this can be a bad…

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The DARPA Subterranean Challenge

To our tinfoil hat wearing friends, please note: This was not a classified event and required no clearance to attend. No one is coming to take me away … so far.Two weeks ago we had the privilege of attending the proposal day for the new DARPA challenge.What’s DARPA? If you like things such as the…

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Battlebots: A Love / Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with Battlebots that I am still trying to work out in my head. Website The Angel on my shoulder says… On the one hand I tend to think that it’s important that we only build robots for peaceful purposes. But then the Devil on my shoulder says… Yes, but these…

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Bots

We live in a really remarkable age for robotics. If you want a robot to bring you tools, then there are multiple bots to do that.  If you want something delivered to your house, then there are multiple bots that can do that as well.  But what happens when you want something to go inside-outside-inside-outside?…

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Obsession Can Be A Good Thing

We have all seen movies like Fatal Attraction where someone becomes so obsessed that reason and judgement go right out the window.  So if I say, “Obsession can be a good thing” it doesn’t mean all obsession but some obsession is required for those of us committed to a cause. When I was seven years…

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