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Robocurious Notes November 1, 2018

Here are the notes and links for this week’s podcast –  a little bit late… Podcast link: Starship deliveries: Starship is using self-driving robots to deliver packages on demand Transformers, robots in disguise Sophia, we could go with the source material, but this one is better:  

Robocurious Notes 2018-10-18

Link to this week’s podcast:   Thanks for listening to the Robocurious podcast.  Here are the links for this week’s notes: FlyCroTug Howe and Howe Robotics   “Welcome back to the October 26 edition of Robocurious where we will be going over the top robotics news of the week.   The latest…

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Announcement! New Podcast!

RoboGnosis is sponsoring a new podcast called ROBOCURIOUS. This is a weekly podcast sponsored by RoboGnosis that gives a short roundup of the week in robots in a short digestible bite – or byte – or many bytes actually. It’s a little rough to start off with but time heals all wounds and also makes…

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