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Robocurious Notes November 9, 2018

You can find this week’s podcast here: Furhat robotics: Roborace Xinhua AI Bot Theme music can be found here:    


RoboGnosis Founder John Bruce shares his insight about participating in Ignite Northwest’s innovative Workshop Series         With a slogan of “Moving Companies that Move the Market,” Ignite Northwest  of Spokane, WA recently designated RoboGnosis founder John Bruce as its most recent graduate of its prestigious 13-week accelerator workshop.  The program, and the…

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Hacking Agriculture

Many people still don’t know what a ‘hack’ is. A hack isn’t cracking into someone’s computer or stealing a movie. A hack is using the tools at your disposal to push the capabilities of a system. Sometimes this can be a good thing (too many examples to share) and sometimes this can be a bad…

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Hate Doing the Dishes? Meet Tetra – One of the Top Picks From CES 2018 –

Alright, for those of us who live in rural communities that were built on “holding tanks,” (i.e., no city water system), and are fans of water conservation, we fell in love with Tetra during the 2018 CES show.  And so did the pros at the show.  Here’s why. Tetra – the ‘tiny counter-top dishwasher’ not…

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This past December, we posted a Blog about our annoucement of our launch of RoboU.  As you will see below, it didn’t take long for the media to notice our announcement – and we are honored to share this with you today. (Snipit of the release  follows) … in a strategic move in the autonomous…

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Consumer Electronics Show 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show is considered to be the largest convention in the world.  Completely covering the convention facilities in multiple venues within Las Vegas –  and that is just the companies that choose to exhibit.  Many companies will set up suites for demos and not even attend the show. CES is a meeting place…

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PrecisionAg.Com List “Robotics” & “Unmanned Technology” in 2017’s “Top 10 Most Intriguing Technologies in Agriculture”

No need to take our word for it anymore; looks like RoboGnosis is right on track with our passion and persistence to improve the world of ag, and many other industries, for all the right reasons. Just this morning, shared their “Top Stories of the Year,” and within TWO of their top picks out…

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RoboGnosis Robots Create Job Opportunities for Humans. Really!

I know, that headline might be hard to swallow after all the bad rap that’s out there about Robots taking over the world.  Yet if you want to know the truth, you just need to Google our company to find out that while we are creating really cool robots, they also come with the ability…

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