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Hate Doing the Dishes? Meet Tetra – One of the Top Picks From CES 2018 –

Alright, for those of us who live in rural communities that were built on “holding tanks,” (i.e., no city water system), and are fans of water conservation, we fell in love with Tetra during the 2018 CES show.  And so did the pros at the show.  Here’s why. Tetra – the ‘tiny counter-top dishwasher’ not…

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Best Gifts for Kids (of all ages!) Who Love Robots

With Black Friday around the corner, we thought we’d dedicate this blog to all of those who are shopping for robots for their kids (or spouses in our case!) this Christmas season.   Through some very simple research i.e. the web, go figure, we scoured all the cool options that are on the market and await…

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Sony’s New Aibo Robot Dog to “Win People’s Hearts” Just Like Your Own Dog?

OK, I’m a dog lover and fully believe that our yellow lab could not possibly be upstaged by a robotic dog.  Yet according to an announcement from Sony, after a 12-year hiatus from the robotics industry, they will be re-entering the market with a product that will “Win People’s Hearts” and be familiar to those…

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Using Robots to Keep Bambi Safe

Recently we were tasked to research a project that we have been asked about many times before, “What happens if there is a fawn in the field?  Does the tractor run over it?” This is a messy thing and can be fairly traumatizing for everyone involved. The simple answer to that is, “What do you…

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