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Not Everything New is Great

This morning as we were discussing parts for a bot I decided to see how much I could come up with from what I had on my workbench.  Could I make a robot only using what I have on hand? Well, no, but that’s doesn’t mean I need to order parts.  To the left of…

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IROS 2018 and A Most Interesting Bot

IROS is the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems and was held last week in Madrid Spain.  One of the funnest robots to come out of IROS was the Mochibot.  If two legs are the goal for bots then this one went completely the other way around; if Spinal Tap is famous for making…

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Hate Doing the Dishes? Meet Tetra – One of the Top Picks From CES 2018 –

Alright, for those of us who live in rural communities that were built on “holding tanks,” (i.e., no city water system), and are fans of water conservation, we fell in love with Tetra during the 2018 CES show.  And so did the pros at the show.  Here’s why. Tetra – the ‘tiny counter-top dishwasher’ not…

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