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IROS 2018 and A Most Interesting Bot

IROS is the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems and was held last week in Madrid Spain.  One of the funnest robots to come out of IROS was the Mochibot.  If two legs are the goal for bots then this one went completely the other way around; if Spinal Tap is famous for making…

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RoboGnosis Founder John Bruce shares his insight about participating in Ignite Northwest’s innovative Workshop Series         With a slogan of “Moving Companies that Move the Market,” Ignite Northwest  of Spokane, WA recently designated RoboGnosis founder John Bruce as its most recent graduate of its prestigious 13-week accelerator workshop.  The program, and the…

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Consumer Electronics Show 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show is considered to be the largest convention in the world.  Completely covering the convention facilities in multiple venues within Las Vegas –  and that is just the companies that choose to exhibit.  Many companies will set up suites for demos and not even attend the show. CES is a meeting place…

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Got a Great Idea? Want to Open Your Own Business?

HOW “AH HA” MOMENTS CAN TURN INTO A NEW CAREER Upcoming Workshops on “How to Open A Business” On Tap Oct 4 – 6 Got a brilliant idea yet don’t have a clue as to how to make that dream come true? Many local residents found that out last week when RoboGnosis Founder and President…

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Collision Conference 2017

“Don’t call it the next SXSW!” Robo had a great time at Collision Conference 2017.  If you have never been then you are missing out because it is arguably one of the best tech conferences out there.  Instead of trying to explain what was so great about it let’ just make a list of all…

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