Battlebots: A Love / Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with Battlebots that I am still trying to work out in my head. Website

The Angel on my shoulder says…

On the one hand I tend to think that it’s important that we only build robots for peaceful purposes.

But then the Devil on my shoulder says…

Yes, but these robots, like any others, are an extension of ourselves and what we do so we should do what we do.


And that is exactly why Battlebots are a problem because they show the violent side of us, not the productive side.


It’s cathartic and healthy if you really think about it.  This is better than boxing.  People don’t get hurt and some of the fights are amazing.


But this is our industry, these are the things that we love, they should be icons of the will to overcome challenges and show our ingenuity.


Sorry, but there are some really ingenious battlebots.


True, but still…


And if we ever get the chance to build one…!


Oh, we totally will.

Okay, Brandon, time to stop with the writing and start with the bot building.

Posted on October 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

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I am Brandon Smith one of the co-founders of RoboGnosis. I am obsessed with robots and love everything about them. I make robots in my presonal and professional life. On top of that I am a husband, father and love life.

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