Every day we seem to find more articles about the need to spread the news about careers in ag that also include a significant understanding and passion for computers and information technology in particular.

For those of us at RoboGnosis, that’s always good news to our Leadership Team  as the trend is following in our own footsteps.  Within the team are individuals who grew up with dreams to invent robots for a career and others who grew up on a farm with a passion to keep their fields and forefather’s desires alive and well today.

According to a very recent article in PrecisionAg, our own passion to combine our talents to create autonomous inventions to improve the world of agriculture seems to be right on task with what the industry needs overall.: AG + IT = A Promising Career.

Here’s a snipit of that article that talks more about this evolving career that has incredible potential for those who have a love of the land and tech, too:

“AgTech is increasingly being used to help solve complex problems in agriculture to meet the needs of our modern, high-tech food system. To keep up with these challenges, companies seek employees with backgrounds in agriculture and information technology, according to a press release on And, with a high demand, plenty of career opportunities exist for farm kids with an interest in technology, or computer geeks with an interest in agriculture.

Watch for an upcoming blog on how RoboGnosis is on its own fast-track to help educate those who have passions like ours through our “RoboU” program. 

Posted on August 31, 2017 in Agriculture Trends, Education, Robots

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