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Think Big Fest 2017 Coming Up!

  Where will we be the first weekend of next month? Glad you asked!  We will be at the Think Big Fest in Coeur D’Alene Idaho. Why you ask? Because it’s an incredible collection of the greatest minds in robotics and AI today coming together to lecture, talk, discuss, brainstorm and … um … have…

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Haven’t People in Ag Suffered Enough?

There’s an old farmer’s joke that goes like this: Unfortunately that is all too true in today’s world.  We talk with farmers on a weekly basis and it is a growing fear that margins will continue to shrink. The government has tried through the MPP but the government … well, you know. Two years ago…

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Using Robots to Keep Bambi Safe

Recently we were tasked to research a project that we have been asked about many times before, “What happens if there is a fawn in the field?  Does the tractor run over it?” This is a messy thing and can be fairly traumatizing for everyone involved. The simple answer to that is, “What do you…

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Failure is NOT an Option no Matter How Hot the Situation!

Have you ever had a bad day?  I’m sure you have.  I’m sure you’ve even had a “no sleep the night before in a cattle stall at 6 am trying to debug a navigational issue while in a haze of no sleep and everyone around you is wondering why something so simple is taking so…

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Automation vs. Autonomy and The $6 Million Man

If you were alive in the 1970’s then you most definitely remember the Six Million Dollar Man with his bionic eye, arm, legs and you can probably still recite the intro to the show … “We can rebuild him.  We have the technology.  We can make him better than he was, better…stronger…faster.” In the 70’s…

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